Targeted Acoustic
Startle Technology: 

The best way to condition targeted mammals to avoid commercial fishing and aquafarming activities

GenusWave’s technological breakthroughs are paving the way for new applications in the sea, on land, and in the air.

TAST™ is an innovative, breakthrough technology developed by Thomas Goetz and fellow marine biologists at the University of St Andrews. It harnesses the acoustic startle reflex to induce controlled movement responses in target species groups. The startle reflex is an evolutionary reflex found in all mammals tested to date.

GenusWave’s signature research and testing has developed sound waves targeted for specific species that trigger their “startle response”, driving them away from the targeted area.

This acoustic technology replaces conventional, loud deterrents (to which predators habituate) with the startle response system — activating the fundamental mammalian reflex without harming animals.

Building a more sustainable
fishery ecosystem

Fish being caught

GenusWave’s first application was created by the Sea Mammal Research Unit at the University of St Andrews. TAST generates brief, isolated signals that keep seals away from salmon and other fish without causing any harm to the predators and fish. In the case of seals and other sea predators that hunt fish, TAST triggers the targeted mammals’ autonomous flight instinct and conditions them to avoid the area.

Unlike ADD’s and other solutions, only TAST is backed by research and shown to deter seal predation without causing harm to marine mammals. Fully MMPA compliant, TAST also satisfies all regulations for commercial fisheries to export fish to the U.S.

Ocean Solutions


Good for business and the environment

Seals prey on farmed salmon and stress the captive fish. SalmonSafe™ provides an environmentally sustainable solution.

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Ocean Solutions


Helping commercial fisheries grow their catch

Depredation in deep bottom set nets occurs when fish are in midwater during hauling. GenusWave technology can help reduce depredation and improve total catch output.

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Explore GenusWave Aquafarming Solutions

Explore GenusWave
Aquafarming Solutions

We're helping aquafarmers grow their
business without harming animals.

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Marine Renewables

Helping to mitigage risk

Marine renewable energy projects can conflict with conservation objectives. GenusWave is working to mitigate the risk.

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Terrestrial solutions for
safer driving

GenusWave seeks to harness science to solve complex problems—like maintaining healthy relations between humans and wild animals on land. The reality is, wild animals and busy humans both need their space—and too often it’s the same space. When this occurs, damage, injury and even death can be the result.

Collisions with large mammals like deer are a perennial threat to road safety. In the United States alone, deer-vehicle collisions cause up to 200 deaths per year and $1.1 billion in damage. Similar statistics exist for Europe. GenusWave’s Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology (TAST) is a breakthrough approach for separating and safeguarding animals and humans. TAST is the only acoustic deterrent proven effective and harmless, as documented in published and peer reviewed scientific literature. It has the potential to protect deer and drivers—and reduce the tragic cost in human life and unnecessary animal deaths.

Eye on the challenge Eye on the challenge

Vehicle-Animal collisions kill 200 people every year in the U.S. — Can our Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology stop the carnage?

Safer Driving

See an example of how GenusWave can solve a complex driving scenario.


We’re building a better solution for
commercial fisheries and aquafarms

From the start, GenusWave set out to provide commercial fisheries and aquafarms with a better deterrent solution. After years of scientific research and testing, we're now helping salmon farms and fisheries reduce costs, minimize lost catch, and implement environmentally safe fishing practices.