Fifteen Years Ago

Presciently, 15 years ago, the Scottish government funded research for an environmentally compliant alternative to Acoustic Deterrent Devices. That seed funding started years of work by a passionate team of researchers at the University of St Andrews, who developed an effective, environmentally friendly solution.

The GenusWave Story

Humpback whales colliding with large shipping vessels. Marine mammals suffering hearing damage around a construction site. Hungry seals ravaging salmon farms. Deer bolting into the paths of vehicles, causing scores of human and animal deaths each year. Sounds like all-out war between wildlife and humans, with both sides suffering the consequences.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

GenusWave is built on the realization that wild animals are endangered by human commercial activity. Our answer is to harness science and leverage biological mechanisms – such as the startle response triggered by specific sound frequencies – to separate wildlife from human activity and protect the animal’s natural habitat.

Today, our applications are at sea. We focus on aquaculture, fisheries, protecting whales from collisions with ships. GenusWave applications will soon apply its science-based approach to also protect animals on land and in the air. We’re a new breed of solutions provider that enables commercial enterprise to operate without causing harm to animals, nature, or our planet.

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We design systems that solve human problems
and protect wild animals.

Science in service of the environment

GenusWave develops scientific solutions that respect nature and harness natural ecosystems. Our goal is not to defeat nature – but to reconcile human activity with environmental imperatives. We offer solutions that respect natural forces, not oppose them.