Fall in love with fishing
again. Keep seals away
from your catch.

Developed by Marine
Biologists to protect both
commercial activity and
animal well being


Don’t Let Seals Eat Your Catch

If you’re an inshore fisherman, you know firsthand what it’s like to have your catch eaten by seals. In Scotland alone, lost catch caused by predatory seals has forced some 500 fishermen to abandon their trade over the past few years.


From half eaten fish to broken nets, exploding seal populations across the globe have made the lives of inshore fisherman painful. Adding to the challenge, starting in 2022, the Marine Mammal Protection Act not only makes it illegal to spear seals, but also prevents fisherman from using harmful acoustic deterrent devices.


GenusWave has the solution. With FisherySafe, coastal fisheries can effectively prevent seals from entering their fishing zone and eating their catch. That means fisherman can start enjoying fishing once again – without having to catch the same fish twice.


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Let Seals Work For Their Lunch Like The Rest Of Us

Seals have enjoyed a free lunch for far too long. They’ve learned to follow the fishing boats as they pull away from shore, wait until the nets fill up with salmon, cod, or monkfish, then tear through the nets, leaving half eaten fish of no value to fishermen.

Finally, there’s good news. Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology (TAST) keeps seals away from shoals – making life easier for fishermen. TAST has been proven effective by inshore fishermen off the coasts of Devon (UK), Scotland, and Ireland. Recent research has documented that TAST can reduce seal presence under fishing boats by over 95%.

TAST works by sending out brief, isolated sound pulses that startle the seals, which immediately leave the fishing zone. Because seals don’t habituate to TAST, FisherySafe™ provides fishermen with a long-term solution to the problem of predatory seals.

TAST is 100% safe for seals and marine mammals and fully compliant with the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The seals may not like it, but with FisherySafe, fishermen can get back to doing what they love and keep their hard-won catch.

Built for Fisherman. Compliant with the MMPA.

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