A better way to prevent
driver animal collisions

We’re building a better and safer way to
alert animals to oncoming traffic and
minimize animal-driver collisions

Driving Solutions

Terrestrial Solutions for Safer Driving

Collisions with large mammals like deer, elk or wild boar are a perennial threat to road safety. In the United States alone, deer-vehicle collisions cause up to 200 deaths per year. In total, there are an estimated 2.1 million animal collision insurance claims in the U.S. per year and an estimated $8 billion in damage claims.

GenusWave’s Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology (TAST) offers a breakthrough approach to minimizing animal – driver road accidents. Using a combination or LIDAR, motion detectors, and infrared sensors, GenusWave technology effectively identifies the presence of animals near roads and emits noise doses in a frequency band that alert the animal’s startle reflex, causing the animal to remove itself from the area of harm.

In early tests, TAST has been highly effective at identifying and alerting deer near roads and oncoming traffic. By utilizing targeted frequencies audible to deer but not humans, TAST was able to safely startle deer, who then returned to the area they came from and away from roads and traffic.

Proven both safe and effective in peer reviewed scientific literature, TAST provides an innovative way to reduce the tragic cost in human life and unnecessary animal deaths. At GenusWave, we believe that it’s possible to eliminate nearly all driver animal collisions and fatalities.

TAST is the next step towards safer, fully autonomous driving.

Introducing Roadside Animal Avoidance System (RAAS)

In California alone, approximately 1,200 miles of roadway are considered roadkill hot-spots.

GenusWave’s Roadside Animal Avoidance System (RASS) is a new solution that helps prevent animal-diver collisions on high risk roadways due with frequent animal crossing. Utilizing stationary sensors that are mounted on both the sides of the road, RASS detects the presence of deer or other wildlife and sends a frequency calibrated to startle the animal.

RASS units are interlinked and positioned to deliver a cascade sound that helps guide deer away from the roadway and to safety.

We’re exploring a new way to prevent driver animal collisions.

TAST has the potential to protect deer and drivers—and reduce the current tragic cost in human life and unnecessary animal deaths.

Safety First

Through extensive testing, documented in peer reviewed scientific literature, TAST has been shown to be safe for animals.

Proven Effective

Years of research through our partnership with University of St Andrews has demonstrated TAST’s efficacy in real world situations.

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