GenusWave Quiet Technology

GenusWave’s Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology was designed to deliver a minimal noise impact in the ocean.


Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology has an adjustable duty cycle  and deterrence range that can be matched to the repsective application. in previous applications, the device was successful at deterring animals and reducing depredation when operating at a duty cycle of less than 1%. The effect can be localized to less than 250m. The Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology system emits brief, isolated sound pulses at a duty cycle that can be more than one order of magnitude lower than many conventional acoustic deterrent systems (Götz & Janik 2015,  2016)

There is a severe and escalating level of ensonification of the Scottish West Coast,  which includes multiple protected areas for marine mammals.  Conventional ADD’s can exceed a 50% duty cycle and can be heard over 14km (~8.5mi) distant.  ​​Conventional ADDs can cause habitat exclusion in non-target species and pose some risk to cause hearing damage in target and non-target species if animals remain in the area for extended period of times.