Eye on the challenge: Can we prevent seals from predation of fish?

Seals prey on farmed salmon and stress the captive fish. This leads to drastic reactions—such as licensed seal shooting. Can our Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology stop the carnage?

GenusWave’s signature research and testing has developed sound waves targeted for specific species that trigger their innate “startle response”—and thus drive them away from human activity without harming them or other species.

This acoustic technology replaces conventional, loud deterrents (to which predators habituate) by deterring animals without harming them. TAST triggers an instinctive flight response that conditions the animal to avoid the area. Predator seals do not habituate to the reflex; exposure only leads to increased sensitivity and proclivity to swim away. Our Targeted Acoustic Startle Technology offers a scientific answer to the costly impact of seals feasting at aquaculture sites. The GenusWave revolutionary system triggerTs the natural flight mechanism in specific mammalian species, building a safe, effective zone between seals and fish stocks. Then, by replacing inferior conventional acoustic devices that don’t work and harm animals.

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